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I just added a couple of RSS Feeds to my Mail Application on my MacBook, just to keep me updated with current events, news, whatnot

:D and I find this really interesting article about Zebra Finches.

Apparently, when they're paired up with an unattractive male, the survival of the offspring is therefore dependent on other things (because genes have obviously failed them).

So, to enhance the survival of their young, the female finch produces a larger egg (presumably with more nutrients inside) because with monogamy, she's not leaving that unattractive male that she had to choose due to a lack of potential partners.

Apply that to the human world:

Does that explain the lives of the rich and famous?
Ditching their kids at home and going off to party themselves, because heck they know, if their children are not at least loaded with desirable genes, they are swimming in moolah, so the parents have to put less physical investment to be with their children.

Or not...?

Haha, I just thought it was interesting. I feel like a Vinny writing this post~ :D

But yeah :P

If you're interested in the article: Compensatory Investment in Zebra Finches

Oct. 17th, 2008


It was soooo much harder than the practice tests (on which I got respective scores of D, B-, C)
and being the genius that I was, I did not bring a watch... so~

After getting stuck on the multiple choices, I realized that I hadn't done any of the long answers when the TA grandly announced that we had two minutes left.

So... apart from kicking myself inside for not starting with long answers first (common sense >A< maaaan), the only thing I could do was randomly circle MC answers. So since the MC is only worth like 48 pts, and I guessed half of them, without ever getting to Long Questions, I figured, 20-30 pts? ---> FAILED

But I laughed when I finished the test. LOL @ my effort to study and then blow the test. I seriously think I should switch majors. Would you guys still love me if I was just a language major?

(I could transfer back to NY!)

:D keke~

Now I have to study for that animal science test that I wasn't studying for because I was studying for chemistry...

>A< double screw-over

Today, when my alarm went off (3x) I just hit the snooze button and went back to sleep.

So, being the horribly hard to wake person that I am, I would've probably been late to class, oversleeping and whatnot.

HOWEVER, Moppy, I gotta say that your LP is one lucky bum <3

The fire drill went off at 7:49


So after frantically pressing the snooze button on my cellphone (which doubles as my alarm clock), and hiding under the blankets trying to ignore it all, I realized it was actually a fire drill, and I just got up, and shuffled out with the others.

So while everyone was complaining about how early it was, I was ecstatic about how my butt was saved by the programmers or the dude who was smoking within 20 feet of the building.

:D cheers to that <3

Midterm Week

So yeah :D

I wake up this morning after slaving off last night doing something I don't even remember anymore, and I get up and open the door to brush my teeth and I see this on my door:



Snacks from the guys down at the other side of my hall :D We made a little group on facebook called LAG, to try to get people from our dorm, which is built and configured in a really antisocial way (double doors + bent in hallways) to socialize.

Because they said I always post notes and like pretz on their doors. So I guess it was payback time, keke~

It made my day~

I also did a practice midterm and got the score of 


62 points out of 103!!!

That gives me a D?

T.T i need to get studying.


My pikachu now says:


Shopping for pants.

 Recently, I have landed myself with a job in the Dining Commons, washing dishes and what not.

So they tell me that I need to buy work pants, which I remember I had, but turns out I forgot to pack.

But I don't know how to get to Target. So I ask someone, who tells me he doesn't know, but that Gottschalks (kinda like a mini-Macy's) has a sale tomorrow. So I decide to go to Gottschalks. But the pants are friggin expensive there. So I go to Target.

And find that there is nothing my size and wearable to work. There are more maternity working pants than there are regular. On the other hand, my soon-to-be coworker, who went with me to buy the pants gets a whole mini-section for work pants. AND. his are 1/2 the price of mine. Goddamn Target. I know women shop more so they need less incentive to buy, but still, more selection AND half price?!

So out of desperation, I take ones that are a size bigger, go into the dressing room, and find that the ends are 4 inches or so too long, and I look more like I'm in a really badly tailored dress than pants (like the tailor was like screw trimming these pants, I'm just gonna sew the ends together). So I'm about to give up and buy the oversized one that doesn't drag as much when my friend suggests, "Why not try the boy's section?"

So I hobble over to the boy's section and find that they have a section of wearable black pants also. So I try those on, and the waist fits, but the cutting for the legs is way too wide. So I hold onto that one, and I walk around for the last time and guess what I found?

Pants that fit!! But I overlooked because the tag on the hanger was missing :D

So in the end, I buy the one that didn't dangle too much and the one that fit, which cost me $20 and $25, decent.

But on the way back, there is a Gottschalks at the place where we switch buses. So I suggest to go look, and

They have friggin work pants of better quality for $34 BUT 50% OFF.

LOL. So lesson learned today.

Target offers less incentives to women than Gottschalks because they don't need to: people will still buy from there, just like I did when I obviously passed by Gottschalks first. It's basically ingrained into my mind that Target is prolly cheaper than a mini-Macy's.

Then on the way back, this older man starts talking to me, and I talk back to him. He says I'm confident for an Asian; they kinda don't talk to strangers. Then, because I just laughed when I had no idea what he was saying, he said I'm a really happy person, because I laughed a lot even when things weren't that funny. Then he offered me a job. For 20 bucks an hour. His previous worker just quit, he says, and that he needs someone to clean his house since he has hip problems.

O.O''' I was like woahh... would you really offer/take a job to/from someone you barely met?

So I declined, saying I just got a job, and it wouldn't be convenient since I don't drive. 

Then he said, "Oh, I need someone who can drive me around..." So I really do believe that he was prolly just trying to be nice to a Chinese girl from somewhere else who traveled far for college. But I fear for that man... what if I were some psychopathic killer?! I really do think he needs to be more careful with who he hires...

Yeah, then I came back with 2 pants, a bag of M&Ms for halloween, and a pressure pot, deciding to blog instead of slaving off at my post-laboratory exercise.

:D i miss you guys~


Haha~ I guess some things just never change:


what u doin?






sounds like fun




i hab to decide whether i shuold study bio or not



test tomorrow morning

that's what ur doing right now?

deciding whether u should study or not?


though the decision seems to be made since im talking to u


:D My bio/micro partner in procrastination~

I miss everyone so much~~~!!!

epic fail.

Man. I didn't think I'd post again in LJ so quickly. But yeah....

Here's my epic fail.


I don't know if you guys can see it properly, but in the second row it says:

Introductory Laboratory Techniques:
First Try: 0
Second Try: 0
Points Earned: 0

Which means, I will not be able to take my 2nd lab (and I haven't even taken my first lab yet!)


Not because I failed miserably at the quiz (I got 100%)

But because before I did the test, I kept clicking at the link, and I lost 2 tries without even knowing that I did, WHILE still freaking out trying to get 100% because I thought I only had 1 chance left to get 100%. Turns out, I didn't even have that chance.


I just got pwned by MasteringChemistry.com


Before UC Davis...

:D well.... I arrived in Cali on 9/11 and classes started on 9/25, so I had practically 2 weeks to explore San Francisco~

San Francisco Downtown....
cable car? I actually don't know what it is... 

We were supposed to find the station to get onto it, but we couldn't find it, so we just  walked to Chinatown from Downtown.

Well unlike NY, the street lights in SF actually have a countdown of how many seconds there are left until the light goes red so people can decide whether 3 secs is really enough for them to dart across the street.

They also sell Japanese snacks in Walgreens!

The main San Francisco Chinatown (there are 3!) is on a sloped hill.... so like iono, it's crazy hard to park on :D ohoho. It's also cleaner than the NY one, cuz... either people are cleaner over here, or because it's on a sloped hill, the garbage slides down~ haha

Well, we also went to a restaurant (cafe?) there that was opened by a Miss HK who graduated from UC Davis lol She apparently left the entertainment biz in HK to return to Cali to take care of the family restaurant. Now they have like uhh iono... 6 or 7 stores across San Francisco.

The auntie said her son said that the Miss HK was really nice and helped the community a lot.

Yeah, but on the way back, I saw a lot of gung gungs playing chinese chess in the park and a lot of people surrounding them. It kinda felt like HK~

Hillsborough is a rich people area.

The houses there are all above 4 million dollars, so we toured the area in the cars cuz the jie jie worked there, so she was just driving around showing us the prettiest houses.

There was one house that was under construction, but it was so big it wouldn't even fit onto my camera screen.... <.<'''

This house isn't a big one... it's considered smaller than average, just to give you guys an idea. We saw houses with their own private pools, private tennis courts, and some even have their own private mini theater (!!!)

Then... I went on 2 San Francisco Tours :D

Abalone Farm and Fish Market

That abalone right there is in the middle of eating seaweed 


And that hand right there belongs to the little kid who was also on the tour with us. Their family is from Las Vegas (his parents work as dealers in the casino and his grandpa [who now lives in SF] used to work as a Chinese food cook) and he told me that Las Vegas schools are too crammed so they take turns to have holidays so other kids can go to school.

So like, that TUNA is like crazy big (small he said), don't you think?
We ran into Japanese people who bought 2 large albacores to make sashimi for their family dinner.

So you walk onto the boats and they have frozen or swimming fish and charge you per pound of the fish. Then you can go into the market and pay someone $2/small fish $3/big fish to gut it and cut it the way u want.

We got a lingcod and an olive rockfish

We had a seafood meal that day :D

Then the day after, we went to tour this buddhist monastery (where there were a lot of peacocks) and a Grandfather Tree....

So basically, Sequoia trees are like hollow inside, so like some rich people who have money to burn, buy a tree, set up a store inside there, and make it a tourist destination. They are also grow very slowly, so their tree rings are very thin and dense, making them a really, really, expensive wood. There's also another tourist attraction where workers in a forest cut a hole in a tree large enough that a car can go through, but so although it isn't growing anymore, the leaves are still alive above so people like visiting it....

That's the end of my SF tours~

I have succumbed to peer pressure TT-TT

Moppy, I hope you're happy.

On the other hand, I strayed from the japanese fruit names and got myself a junk food one :D

Still rejoicing over the fact that I beat moppy in a curry eating contest @ naruto ramen ~ ohoho.
It's been a while hanging out with Erimono~ she's still so hardworking... <.<''' makes me feel incompetent. I have an AP on Thursday and I'm studying doing this. . . . . demo oishikatta~~~

MOPPY, RACHEL, LET'S GO KARAOKE. ;____; (after APs....)